Chapter 7 Preparing and Submitting to CRAN

7.2 Guidance on executing your checklist.

Before submitting to CRAN, we’d ask that you

  1. Make sure you pass build check (Check in the RMarkdown Build tab) with no errors, no warnings, no notes.

  2. Update any vignettes with basic examples, the file with what is being released (or any changes from previous versions), and the README.Rmd with any final details.

  3. Build a pkgdown website to help users. Make sure to link to it in your github repo.

  1. Check your code to make sure it is is easy to read and well styled. This can be done easily with the styler package.
  1. Take a final check through to make sure your package is obeying best-practices using the goodpractice library.
  1. Execute final checks. First, make sure after making revisions from the above, you pass Build Check again. Then, walk through the following final checks provided by devtools.
  1. Release! Again, using devtools (which will check you)!