Welcome to the Covid19R Project Documentation!

The Covid19R Project is an attempt to provide a set of standards for creating tidy Covid-19 related data distribution packages as well as a centralized method for then redistributing the data sets themselves within R. We’re trying to build a community with interoperable data standards in order to allow anyone using R to derive novel insights about this. global pandemic.

In the documentation for the Covid19R Project, we detail what the project is, how to be a part of it, and what minimal tidy standards we want data packages to conform to in order to bring all of our data together!

How can I get access to the data?

If you want to jump in and just get access to the data, install the covid19R package. You can read up on how to use it in The Covid19R Package.

What are your standards?

We’ve attempted to create a unified tidy Data Format Standard which you can read about. Packages employ a Standardized Vocabulary, and all implement a set of Standardized Package Functions in order to make it easier for us to use packages to harvest the data for central distribution.

I want to contribute!

If you want to conribute to the project, that’s wonderful! Check out our section on Building a New Data Package and the associated additional documentation. If you’d like to check out what we already have, check out the Packages Part of the Project!

Otherwise, read on to learn more.